personal project:


A vanilla TypeScript rogue-like video game.



cell dodger was created in a couple of weeks as a post-graduate project with the intention of using it to explain and teach grid methods to students of a front end development bootcamp.

it is a custom engine written in typescript and works via simple dom manipulation, no canvas is involved.

pickups are spawned, like coins and hearts, when collisions are detected the screen flashes a corresponding color and a short message is printed to the console below.

users can adjust game settings, for example number of enemies and game speed.

for mobile devices, a joystick is implemented, but its currently a bit buggy and only really works if you install the page to your device like an app.

it was fun to work on and maybe i will continue working on it some day.

some things i would like to add are a high-score database, improved enemy ai, additional pickups, random map generation, and the ability to go through the edge into a new area.